How to use Facebook Live on Android & iPhone to Livestream

How to use Facebook Live on Android


How to use Facebook Live on Android & iPhone to livestream-We are in now in the era where technology is now the mother of the day as Facebook have taken a giant step in providing more features to Facebook know as the Facebook live stream feature.

Now you can stream live video directly on the news feed where your friends can get to watch your best moments like a birthday party, Wedding program and more.

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Meanwhile, We are going to be providing you on the procedure to Facebook live stream I know you would like to know how to use Facebook live on android and iPhone.

How to use Facebook Live on Android & iPhone to Livestream

Setting up Facebook live stream on android and iPhone is quiets simple just follow the simple procedure below.

  • First you have to login on your Facebook account and make new post on the news feed.
  • Write a description of your video which is optional.
  • Click on the “Go Live” button to start your live broadcast..
  • Anytime you are done with your broadcast tap on the finish.


During your Facebook live broadcast, You will be able to see the total number of viewers, the names of Facebook friends who are watching your live broadcast and comments.

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And if you are done with your live broadcast, the video is automatically saved to your Facebook Timeline just like a normal Facebook video, And you will have the opportunity to either delete it or keep it on your timeline maybe your friends whom have not watch it before can always watch it.

If during that broadcast you don’t like a viewers comments just block the person by clicking on the user profile picture and block immediately from seeing the video.

NB: The maximum time for Facebook live stream video is 30 minutes.

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