1. if I open the account how can I accredit it
    If you visit the official homepage click on join now , after that click on deposit and play.

  2. I register with betwazobia but i not login in my account. change passwordor you register another account

  3. I open the account how can I accredit it.

    Click on join betwazobia you will see deposit and play click their.

  4. How do are login in to homepage I try login but couldn’t.

    If you visit the betwazobia.com, click on the login link.

  5. And when i try login in what i see is invalid username or pass word

  6. I register with bet Wazobia but i can’t login is given me invalid username or password but i was giving trump up when i register

  7. (1)When i want to login details (good)
    (2) verify account (good)
    Were i have problem is 3 & 4

  8. Can’t you please help me out

  9. Please help me i problem login in after my registration

  10. i am not yet registered
    try more

  11. How do u get Betwazobia promo code

    visit the betwazobia official homepage

  12. I don’t think i’ll have any problems opening betwazobia account or funding it. my problem is how can I withdraw my winning money.

    call their customer care number

  13. cant sign up..

    Try to sign up

  14. I forgot my username

    create another account

  15. Pls help the send me code box is not active

  16. is there a promo going on at betwzobia now?

  17. Please what it’s take to get agent for betwazobia. I want to open shop. Pls take this as an urgent please. Thanks

    Call the betwazobia customer care they will provide you with the necessary information.

  18. can i be wazobia agent if i can please inform me

    Visit betwazobia official homepage and call the customer care number and they will provide you with the necessary information.

  19. I want to deposit but it keep telling me invalid voucher. Pls help

  20. Pps I can’t login with both my user name and password, pls help me

    verify your account password by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link or you create another account

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