War Village APK Download Game-Lead Your Troops To Battlefield

War Village APK Download

War Village APK Download Game-Lead Your Troops To Battlefield-Let me say i have found out the newest game making wave in Google play and in the world, As the name sound war village is a modern game that can help you develop a heroic mind and leadership qualities as it is all about war with heroes. Is not just a game but a truly shattering change in strategic defense games!

War Village APK Download

About  / Features of War Village APK Download Game

Let me just say i will give you the description of war village game here, What to expect when you download the game in Googleplay for your Android phones.

  • You can Develop your own civilization and lead your own troops into battlefield! You will have to choose your civilization either from Asia, Europe or America. Each civilization have it won unique heroes. That means their are three unique heroes in war village.
  • In war village you attack other users and collect their resources to weaken them.Which is an Endless challenge to you. Each stage have it own unique challenge.
  • In war village as you grow you develop and maintain your civilization to compete with other unique heroes. Each civilization have it own unique appeal.
  • You can destroy your enemies civilization to the ground.Obtain Noblesse, the highest-quality ultimate unit and powerful.
  • You can build your own troops to stand if you collect 9 types of heroes and 250 types of units.From their your characters will began to grow tremendously.
    Each hero you collect have different equipment items as enjoy it and build on that. Enjoy it!

How to  Download War Village APK  Game

For now war village is only available to Android users and not just an android phone but the version of 4.0 and up. and the size of war village game is 383M. You can download it n your android 4.0 and up.

You can visit the Googleplay or you can click on the link below to download. War Village Download

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