Top 5 Battery Saver App For Android Smartphones-Check To Download

Top 5 Battery Saver App For Android Smartphones-Believe me one thing that get me tired about android an phones is when the battery cannot last for a number of hours, And i know you out their will never be happy when your android smartphone run down easily.


Battery Saver App For Android


Although all this smartphones have so many great app that can dried batteries down but that dose not mean it should run down easily. And because of this, Developers of android smartphones find a way of building a battery saver app you can download and at least enjoy your phone for while without the battery ruining down .

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Am a lover of android phone and i know what it means for a battery to last in your phone as you expected of it, And that is why we pick out this topic to discuss for our readers to be able to download some of the battery saver app that will be listed below, So that you can enjoy that smartphone in your hands right now.

List of Top 5 Battery Saver App For Android Smartphones

1.DU Battery Saver




DU Battery Saver makes the number in our list here with lot of qualities that can not be ignored. DU Battery Saver can save you up to 50 percent of battery, Cools battery phone no matter what you are ding with it. If you have a rooted phone you can always change your CPU frequency, Customize modes and a lot more. According to statistics over 400 million people use DU Battery Saver.

2.Amplify Battery Extender -Root




Amplify is among the best Battery Saver App For Android, One thing about Amplify Battery Extender is that it puts total amplify authority over your battery, With a lot of unique features such as when and how your device can wake up and how long it can stay awake, dig in and customize every alarm, service.This battery saver is typically based on Material Design and it’s very easy to use. You will like it.

3.Battery Saver 2016




Battery Saver 2016 provides best power settings to saves the battery time of your device or your tablet. It have a lot of outstanding features: provides battery Accurate remaining time, Shows Standby Time, Brightness control and have three types of customize mode saving mode, Sleep mode and  Customized Mode. And is available for free, Go and download it on Googleplay.




Greenify is among the best battery saver for android phones, Particularly to rotted android phones ( Rooted android phones means unlocking the operating system of the an android so you that you can download and install unapproved apps) This app upgrade the performances of your battery life and give it a new look it deserve, It Checkmate apps that consumes batteries. Why not give that your battery Greenify by downloading it on Googleplay

5.GSam Battery Monitor




GSam Battery Monitor takes our number five in the list but not the least, Is unique, A handful one you can use, Is simply to use,Uses what is called App Sucker to Hunt down those Apps draining battery, It gives you estimate of the remaining battery level in your phone. The professional edition for tablet uses Optimized views for Tablets and any device with large screen. Monitor your battery now by going for GSam battery monitor.

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