How To Block A Friend On Facebook-5 Simple Steps You Never Know

How To Block A Friend On Facebook

How To Block A Friend On Facebook-5 Simple Steps You Never Know-In this online tutorial we are going to be guiding you on how you can block  a friend on your Facebook account in just few minutes.


How To Block A Friend On Facebook


So questions have come in the past on whether you can block a friend you accepted his or her friend request on Facebook, And my answer is yes you can do that if you know the right steps.

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I don’t what might be the reason of you trying to block a friend on Facebook, But some friend on Facebook can be so annoying, And some people penetrate to other users Facebook account and post unfriendly post or probably the friend is posting what you don’t like on your timeline. I don’t know what the case might b, But which ever way i know you want to block that friend of yours, And you can do that with this little steps below.

How To Block A Friend On Facebook-Simple Steps You Never Know

This are the simple steps below for you to block that your friend on your Facebook account and the steps is what you can do in just few minutes and life goes on.

Step 1:Enter your Facebook account

Step 2:At the top hand left corner you will see “SEARCH

Step 3: Kindly type in the friend username and when once it display, Click on the friends name, The user timeline will automatically appear.

Step 5: You will see Add friend / Follow / Message and the last is a sign , Click on it you will see block. If you click on it, Automatically you have block that person or friend.


With this steps that means you have block the users from been your friend on Facebook and you can never see that person again on your Facebook  account. Is very easy if you follow the above guideline, Try it out.

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