Flash Share App For Nokia / Android / iPhone / Windows Phone-Download Free

Flash Share App For Nokia

Flash Share App For Nokia / Android / iPhone-Download Flash Share Free-Flash Share is a mobile application that is build to share files between devices to devices without any subscription or any charges to the users.

Flash Share App For Nokia

Everyday the amount of smartphone users grow and that is how amount of files been transferred grows up and the quest for downloading of flash share app grows up as well, therefore in this post we are going to be focusing on how you can download flash share app for Nokia phone, Android, iPhone and windows phone which is free to download.

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But before we give you free steps on how to download flash share for Nokia phone, windows phone, iPhone etc let me open your eyes more on what flash share can help you do even though you might have already the knowledge before now.

Unique Features of Flash Share

  • Flash share is absolutely free to use without mobile data.
  • No need for USB connection and PC software installation it works with free WI-fi.
  • Over 100 million files transferred daily.
  • Flash share is free to download on Google play, App store, windows store etc.
  • Share large files like videos, music, document, apps with speed.

Steps To Flash Share App For Nokia / Android / iPhone / Windows Phone-Download Free (Flash Share App For Nokia)

Step 1:Visit the App store like the Google play, App store, windows store etc visit the store that is compatible with your phone.

Step 2:Search the flash share app on the respective store.

Step 3:Click on install link and wait for few minutes to download.

Step 4:Launch the app on your smartphone.

Steps For Transferring Files with File share App

  • After downloading the file share app on your respective device.
  • Crete a username and password for your account.
  • After creating your account, click on “Connect with friends” Two options will appear “Create a connection” and “join now
  • Kindly select the files/apps, click on it.
  • Shake your phone to help send the files you click.
  • The receiving phone, go to history on your flash share and install app you received.

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