Download WhatsApp Latest version 2.16.395 beta For Android

Download WhatsApp 2.16.395 For Android

Download WhatsApp For Android / iPhone / PC / Blackberry-You about to Download WhatsApp 2.16.395 For Android latest version for android,  free in your smartphone, The Whatsapp messenger app uses 3G and wi-fi network to message your friends and families. The Whatsapp latest version is also available for iPhone, windows, Mac or windows PC.

Installing whatsapp for your android smartphone is very necessary because it will enhance your communication with your families, Friends, Business associates, Colleagues and your peer group, Their are other features of whatsapp apart from communication enhance which we call unique and outstanding features of Whatsapp.

Unique And Outstanding Features of Whatsapp

  • Group Chat-With the latest version of whatsapp you can keep in touch with those groups that matters to you most like your families and friends, Where by you can chats, share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once.
  • Whatsapp on Web and Desktop-If you download the whatsapp latest version for desktop you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.
  • End To End Encryption-Your messages, Calls and conversations are well secured which is why whatsapp latest version built end to end encryption, not even Whatsapp can see your chats and messages with end to end encryption features.
  • WhatsApp Voice & Video Calls-With Whatsapp latest version you can make free video calls and voice calls to your families and friends rathe than texting them.
  • Share Documents-You Can send PDFs, documents spreadsheets, slideshows, music, photos and more with whatsapp latest version.

How To Download WhatsApp 2.16.395 For Android

In order to Download WhatsApp 2.16.395 For Android it requires Android OS 2.1 Or above for you download. Therefore once you meet up with the requirement just follow the process below an download.

  • Visit the homepage of whatsapp or install from google play direct.
  • For you want to download from Google play you must sign in with your google account which is the Gmail address. In case you don’t have click here.
  • Once you install the app launch it on you android smartphone and have a well pleasant conservation with your families and friends.

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