Download Flash Share App (Xender) for Android / iPhone / Windows phone

Download Flash Share App (Xender) for Android / iPhone / PC-Flash Share is a mobile application that is build mainly on android devices before other devices began to develop compatibility with it.

Download Flash Share AppFlash Share is now xender by default as newly phones uses xender flash App like Gionee, Infinix samsung etc

So in the course of this discussion we are going to be telling you were you can download the flash share app (xender) for android ,iPhone and PC. And how you can also use it.

An flash share is primary build to transfer files fro one mobile phone to another,  Files such as videos,  Games, Application etc

Features of  Flash Share App (Xender)

Below are unique and unbeatable characteristics of this great application build to transfer files.

  • Flash Share does not need internet connection to transfer files.
  • Is free to use, Like no limitation in using it.
  • A connection between the phone or device you want to transfer files is not needed.
  • It can share complex files, Video, Games, Music etc.
  • It does not occupy much space.
  • Is very fast and easy to use.

Now we are going to be leading you on how you can download the application on your smartphone and device without much difficult.

Steps to Download Flash Share App (Xender) for Android / iPhone / Windows phone

Downloading this app is quite easy if you follow the steps below to download the application in your device or smartphones.

Step 1:If you using an android phone go to Googleplay to download the App or click <>Here<> to download , You can download the application on your iPhone by visiting the Appstore.

Flash Share (xender) is still downloadable on windows phone, And for you to download just click <>Here<> to download.

Step 2:After downloading the App, You can now install the application on your phone to start sharing all kinds of files.

How to use and Share files in Flash Share ( user Guide)

If you don’t know how to use file share App we are going to be teaching you that with this simple guide specified below.

  • Open the App in your phone and click on CONNECT PHONE, Then still do the same on the phone you wants to transfer to or receive files from.
  • Click on on CREATE GROUP On any of them and tape on JOIN NOW on the other phone it will automatically connect to each other and you can start sending files.
  • The application is very easy to use, All you need is just tape at the file you want to share and it will immediately share your file.

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